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oriented psychiatry — residential treatment of chil-

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pression is manifested by infants, or complained of by adults; and

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clusive signs of such state are concerneti. J have witnessed, in a case of congenital

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nucis, bis terve in die, donee appareat eruptio cutanea.

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found in the feces of monkeys and rabbits, and it would

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The death would appear to have resulted thesia compatible with the attainment of

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chronic encephalomalacia. Observers agree in the comparative frequency

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the Eastern Division, W., St. L., & P. R'y, held, respectively, at

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plastica del tarso per correggero 1' accorcianiento degli arti

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Take a very large number of carnivorous animals belongmg-

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cabbage, codfish, etc. Much of the codfish was rotten ;

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erance of an eye to a foreign liody. j. Ophth., Otol., &

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equalise the backward strain caused by the contrac-

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principles as they exist, not the fibrin and albumen which are calculated to

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and wounded in the army or in civil life. The cost of such

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canal, and ducts which open upon its sur&ce, concretions frequently form.

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contributed 59.2% of the cases of tuberculosis occurring in that

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open inflammation of the lung; again it is insidious and

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siognomy are being delivered in this city — a revivification of the once

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1880 BEEVOR, Charxes Edward, M.D., 135, Harley Street, W. (C.

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The propriety of entering similar cavities with the

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be double-spaced on white bond paper, and have the page

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of harmony in the curricula of the schools, but this time will

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food stuffs, fats, showed that butter, lard, and even clear bacon

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