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by the medical officer, and by the overseers in charge of them.

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until the vomiting and purging are arrested, the etiects of each dose being

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sion embraces recitations, clinical lectures and exercises,

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sequent aotions, who is always relieved, cured for the time being,

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the same as wdien the hypertrophy is associated with valvular lesions.

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of percussion over the cardiac region still persisted.

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may consist of large, solid, greenish or ash-colored sputa, and in some

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a very short period of each other at a very advanced age. Their

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instructor. It is fair to presume that the subject of this memoir

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through life, though inheriting a strong predisposition to gout.

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general condition was one of extreme emaciation, her weight eighty-

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and by the 28th, or about one week after her admission, she

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indelinite length, with thin walls, containing a semifluid granulated matter.

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molasses — rarely fresh meat and vegetables — a condition of the system

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tion, which will be likely to lead, before long, to a fatal result.

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The city of Para (formerly called " Santa Maria de Belem do

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nance, and ' sometimes pectoriloquy. Bubbling and gurgling rales are

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the structure peculiar to bone, but consists of the earthy salts just named,

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liquid in this situation may give rise to tumors as large as, or even larger

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symptoms, constituting, under these circumstances, an unfavorable symp-

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that region, urged him to employ to the best possible advantage.

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as produced by this valve, will be more or less weakened, or perhaps ex-

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ileo-ciecal in 5G per cent. ; iliac in 28 per cent. ; jejunal in 4 per cent., and

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the Space of four days.— La Semaine Medicale, Feb.24, 1892.

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of intestine has taken place, viz., frequency and feebleness of the pulse,

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of the arch was the seat in 72, and the aorta below the arch in 71 cases.'

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sudden and violent convulsion, dashing the patient to the ground,

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large blister. This notice may be seen in the Summary of the

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the right ribs and clavicle of the left skeleton, articalated with

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This is liable to occur when as a consequence of mitral lesions the right