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I first saw him about twenty or thirty minutes after he bad expired.

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pain being so intense as to keep him awake all night. The headache, giddi-

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light of these investigations, we shall have to abolish the distinction

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true that there were several sporadic cases of yellow fever in

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to rise from bed and walk a little. The appetite improved and the

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quired dose of opiates or sedatives, thus increasing the

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communities in the United States have established plants

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;atient sufliers more than ordinarily, and complains of pain, tension, &c.

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in her side. She had been engaged in the lead-works

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(Rosson CL, Tolle SW: Management of marine stings and scrapes. West J Med 1989 Jan; 150:97-100)

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has had one is apt to have a repetition of it, but I have never seen one

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sometimes hard ones (rope, &c.), have been used as the destructive

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of the prospective practitioners were still acquiring such

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extent. Still more important, from the patient's point of view, is

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about sixty-three days. A rat-flea is more readily attracted by a rat

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was found to be no resemblance. It was suggested for the prosecution, that

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any improvement in the condition of the patient. The

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even of cases where an eruption has been followed by the abatement

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You will frequently observe persons in the decline of life, who other-

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