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large and apparently distended, its further contents should not beia

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of pure blood, scream violently, and make an efibrt as if to prevent

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for words ; yet in spite of this amazing fluency, his ideas mani-

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failure, and finally dyspnoea, and she died in a few days, dropping off v*»»yj

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is said to be a deficiency of potash salts.' The capillaries have been found

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The diaphragm and abdominal muscles did not participate in it, as

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slight lividity of finger nails ; lips livid ; posterior parts of body

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the consequences and phenomena. The fric^htful scenes of sudden

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no longer be found useful therein, then discourse of the uncertainty

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and he has remained exempt from varioloid or small-pox, although

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plaint was from a pain in the back ; and there was a little crepitous

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morbid ; dreams much and talks in sleep. Not vaccinated. Is constantly

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Bond, D. Francis Condie, and Samuel Jackson ; on motion, Dr. C.

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dicine. Three symptoms formally indicate its use : the loss of

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Under no circumstances should this class of patients be allowed to use stim-

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coma. In cases attended by thrombosis of a sinus there will be hectic

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Ix>uis Hospital in Paris, belong the credit of its first introduction into ,

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alcoholism predispose to a long list of diseases, and tend to shorten life.

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taken place between the salvarsan and some substance in the serum, thus setting

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first injection the temperature did not exceed 37.2°C. Diarrhea decreased

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The age has not been stated in all the replies, but so far as we have

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24 hours may be anticomplementary in doses of 0.5 cc.

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pleurisy, pneumonia, cerebral and spinal meningitis, laryngitis, bronchitis

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blood cells present no evidence whatsoever of stretching or distortion,"

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Experiment 6. — Patient 263, age 36 years. On Nov. 19 the area of the wound

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observation, probably great difficulty will be experienced in making a diag-

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ternal ring is reached; then the needle is withdrawn.

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of the liq. acetatis ammonise, in a little sugar, may also be given*

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rent applied to the motor nerves. When muscles atrophy from disease, or

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16 cardura light-weight western saddle

acute infection should be subjected to additional treatment in order

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The passengers on board of these vessels were, generally speak-

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alike, while at 4 per cent the pneumonia cats had increased less than

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from the carotid 9 minutes after the second injection did not commence

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Experiment 20. — Patient 286, age 30 years (Text -fig. 20). Wound of the

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Dr. Warringtonf reports twenty-five cases, in none of which was a

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are called upon to perform, it will be considered a duty on their

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force, all stand in contrast to the signs of chronic myelitis.

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From this period Mrs. Burrows continued to improve in health.

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gained in body weight. Nos. 126, 127, 128 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, and 135

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instead of producing sleep, the patient becomes more wakeful, and the de-

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