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tin No. 15, Department of Agriculture, by Dr. W. G. Farlow,
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ventive lies in some restriction upon the amount to be paid for
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should be much more used among the sick than it is.
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P^trov has reported 13 cases complicated with icterus, and in all observed
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mice.^ Lewaschew " has also detected in the blood of typhus patients a
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drink them, he will live longest on those long bottled, the
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the effect of cold hip baths (50°-G3°). They do not produce exces-
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head, using one hundred and forty-seven pounds per person
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An unusually goo<l nuuilier of this popular jieriodical.
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whole body is thereby cooled. When it is no longer active, the heart
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ease I find the greatest necessity of recognizing the nature of the trouble
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that high temperature is the chief danger to patients suffering from
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to lower temperatures, slowly reducing them every day or two, making
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to colchicum. I do not care what such remedies contain, and
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It has been my ardent desire to reach a similarly comforting atti-
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cases there is constipation, which may be due either to peritonitis or
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more or kss cyanosis, and the heart is laboring to compensate for the
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system is not known, but it is most probably the respiratory tract, the
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into the blood of the monkey, in whom they produce the disease.
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the subject immune (Behring). Another, however, if employed in like
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rash fades, and presents a temperature-curve similar to that of measles.
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the influence of changed blood upon the respiratory centre. But the
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- Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences, 1S93, p. 60, section H.
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As for dehydration, regarded from the standpoint of food
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and that if he will keep his mouth well open he cannot choke, because
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burial, and never a coffin was lowered into the grave until
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plications had a favorable issue, in von Becker's opinion, on account of
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]iGssibility of calculus, one must remember the jirostate as beimr
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health had remained perfect, and that I would scarcely recognize her as the same
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in the nerve supply of the vessels, and which perform the function of
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tococcus and the micrococcus lanceolatus are frequently found on micro-
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in centrifugal nerve fibres of some kind terminating in muscles; (4)
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The voluntary/ muscles undergo parenchymatous and, occasionally, a
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active after they pass beyond the intestinal mucosa ; but they are indi-