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chlorid in solutions, giving 5 mg. (^V gr.) twice daily.
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ties, and this without the inconvenience of the latter remedy.
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examination shows that these nuclei neither form part of cells
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take the remarks for what they may be worth and will with-
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tion, far from being a process of autointoxication, is a process
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significance cannot be precisely defined in the absence of histological,
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urine. Its excess would be due to the lack of an oxydase, probably of
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in vdth their views. Here, for instance, is a gentleman
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I made an autopsy in the case of a patient of Dr Frederick Taylor's,
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eruption in syphilitic patients, and the fact that in the
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of the case papers of a large number of school chil-
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sterilized gauze three or four inches wide and two or three
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254. . All .su.jet de l'industrie du secr6tage et de la
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stored up in the uterus instead of escaping into the vagina. In such a
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course of development begins. The head of the young worm
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Africa.*'' ^'* — Have no European patients. Tlie adult
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patient was able to be up, and continued to do well, with the
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do so. Typical tumours come very close to malformations.
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reus. The reason why the same organism should .some-
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iu and out, among the fascia and muscles, and gradu-
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referable to the deep vessels being of most importance. '
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Lack of control in the majority of cases is due to the failure of
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acting upon distant organs, etc., etc., was duly ap-
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that of the next President. He possibly is not conscious of this,
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H. B., a eavalrv officer, aged twenty-six years, consulted me
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ing number, each patient is required to take a bath on admission,
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Jefferson City Office, 113 Madison Kansas City Office, 9229 Ward Parkway, Suite 290
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particles of bread, or milk globules, or collections of epithelium and
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pulse with low temperature, will point to a true diphtheria.
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It is hardly necessary to add that the cholecystectomy must be fol-
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This great system of nerves constitutes the man proper ; for
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turned to its proper cavity, the hernia is called ' reduci-
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quantity of matter, precisely resembling in odour and appearance, that
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Finally, the iatrophysicists directed their efforts to the
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1. Farrell P, Fuchs VR: Schooling and health: The cigarette connection. J
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collected are against strict quarantine. The passengers
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attack of yaws is looked upon as being deficient. This prac-
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of cases should not be as efficiently managed, so far as the routine treatment
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branches, and finally, superior ones running to the
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found by Strong was considerably higher than this, averaging 75 7o-
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at the University of Illinois, spoke on “Debatable
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. becomes uneasy and cries out for change, as is evidenced plainly enough by the in-
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Hospital, Birmingham, in February, 1872. He was sent to
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her rest periods on account of attending school all day and fell away