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to tampon the cavity with cotton wads soaked in iodo-

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Essex County Homoeopathic Medical Society . . . '325, 555

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carotids in the position of the second visceral cleft. (7) The

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extremity of the right second space one inch from the sternum.

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Beyond these points the curves fall gradually to the normal levels; they reach

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under a conservative treatment and thought that their

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for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized July 13, 1918.

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1957 ) , Associate in Pediatrics, Associate Professor of Physi-

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i and Visually Impaired reported that legally blind diabetics

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calcium was elevated in 60 per cent of thirty- seven

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crust as hard as the ice in the open air. Wonderful as this

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bility of yielding a poison. Non-pathogenic bacteria yield just as

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ings should be powdered before they are put on. Where

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out through the abdominal wound, and an artificial anus estab-

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tions. But there are other circumstances besides the degree of virulence

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upon us, that all size is but relative, and that mass has nothing to do

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so often outwearied mind, if it were ever so little, of the

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catarrh of the organ of old people, and of some children, and

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in whom two tumors covered by skin existed, which could be

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MoRTALiTT IN LoNDON. — liL the wcck that ended Saturday,

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faeces soft and yellowish. Oily purgation, tonics, and astring-

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reported. Although the septicemia responded to antibiotics, ,

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When in favorable cases the inflammatory process in the kid-

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reproduction of the disease by the introduction of the supposed

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Franco-German war of 1870-71. The depression of nervous

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toplasm loses its granular character, becomes homogeneous and refractive,

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name for electric force, sublimated animal electricity being the element

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than there would be in sending our gynecological cases to a

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every day about one hour before the sun has had any

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It can never be too often reiterated that, while the naming

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against him. Or if he can set up such a defense, it still puts the

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and obstinately resists all our therapeutic efforts : an ordinary catarrh,

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lU'iHin^ from the liihi* und involving the inteHtineM and m(*N(*nt<*ry. Tin*

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gut through the outer coat and the abdominal wound closed over a

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from inflicting ftulher violence upon herself. The bowels

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ing chronicles of the medical condition of this State, before the incor-

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The progress of the disease, and the absence of characteristic

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ments, recording of data, and patient recall. Thus, in reality, the

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himself will probably protest loudly ; he dreads the horrors of the with-

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his mastership of the Rotunda. These latter outbreaks he is

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portals of entrance into the body and for the most part, if

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fore we were. This qalled all to her assistance; the de-

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albumen and casts in the urine. During the earlier part of