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of the walls of the intestine is more rare than that which occurs in the
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tune, and that lesser one, previously described, are often due,
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and catarrh, when rhonchi and rdks are to be heard.
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wife of a man affected with lymph scrotum. Both had lived all their lives near
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endarteritis deformans. In this affection, which is often widely dif-
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Rhythmical friction-sound of the pleura may arise in consequence
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counting the duration of the disease. In children, convulsions often
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scheme of interpreting the result directly in terms of deflection without first
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cotton-trade, and took an active interest in the sanitary
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and speak also of remedies for " bringing on suppressed piles." Luckily
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various kinds were produced by spontaneous generation. This
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field during the past few years and probably have frequently found it
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Diffuse catarrhal ulcers result from acute or still more frequently
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converse cases, wherein the arterial part of the blood is thrown into
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children can never be rightly interpreted, and the severe symptoms of
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degree of tension in which they are set Now, we have stated above
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fat bellies and livers. They may depend either on easy or difficult
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phthisis often complain more of their gastric catarrh than of the lung
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of the passages may form the sole symptom of gastric catarrh, The
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•Thollon. Du sarcome actinomycosique. Thdse, Lyon (1896).
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toes, without any aflection of the nails. Dr. Taylor divides
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the wall of the heart, so as to prevent the valve-tips from approaching
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fession will thank Mr. Church for the introduction of sucth a simple method
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Branching is similar in all of our cultures and is also similar to that
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duced by bleeding ; and, by prevention of further transudation of serum
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nutrition, and particularly for the blood, and it is certain that an ex-
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Society of the County of I^ew York, Professor of Diseases
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over the heart, or partial, that is, limited to certain portions of it
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once more exposed to the elastic traction of the lung. The dilatation
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a result of transferring a large number of larvae from sea to fresh water,
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influence upon the course of varicella. 2. That children, soon
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In old or enfeebled persons there is no disease, especially no inflamma-
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Treatment. — Typhous and variolous ulcers usually heal, with subsi-
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The stricture at the meatus was freely divided with the
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especially the belly, is burning hot, while the face and limbs are oooL
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difference may be accounted for by the difference in the occupations
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A single case of splenomegaly was encountered. The spleen weighed
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The disease may commence in childhood, and continue throughout
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of this material which will be satisfactory to all is scarcely . possible.
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cultators as to the immediate physical cause of prolonged ex-