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mentioned amyloid kidney may be diagnosticated with reasonable cer-
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wise negative. The tongue protrudes in the median line and moves nor-
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heads of future teniae. They show the four sucking disks and a circle of
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left for the physician. After the seventh month, modifications being less necessary, the diet
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The pain is in the loAver anterior thoracic region, at the points of inser-
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This disease consists of the development of small areas of sclerosis
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action of the exciting cause. The symptoms of emphysema are soon
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with a minimum amount of disturbance. But, of course, the prime
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aneurysm of the arteries); 3. A mechanical impediment to the portal
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observed. The temjjerature is high, and its curve is somewhat typical
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Noon Meal. — Soup, 3 ounces (96.0); fish, 3 ounces (96.0); roast or
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posit occurs in spots or patches situated form pseudo-membranous deposit cov-
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milk may be soothing, and the slow swallowing of mild boric-acid and
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in robust patients, by the local abstraction of blood (.^iij to vj — 96.0-
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In other, and in more frequent cases, the inflammation runs
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ficient to be detectable by the unaided eye. The condition must be sep-
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will make a slight forward movement [propulsion), or else, if walking,
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white in appearance, and exudes a milk-white fluid known as '' cancer-
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rieties of trematodes or flukes, is the distoma hepaticum or liver-fluke,
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however, is to be distinguished from the primary or essential form.
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one ounce ejected or it may amount to a pint or more before the bleeding
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vice in cases dependent upon congestion. Eating ice and partaking
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remove both ovaries, we cause the patient much suffering. Even
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ins; with friction. For the robust, Turkish baths at intervals of two or
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ose (intermediate substances) — showing a yellowish color. If there is a
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shaped, the face is not involved, and there usually exists some chronic pul-
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true moulds of the affected tubes that exhibit a laminated structure.
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conjunctivae, the fingers, toes, and lobules of the ears, and as a rule is
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suffering from a pelvic abscess following a gonorrhoeal infection.