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39. Government Inspection Is onlv at the packer's request. State inspection is purely

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This experiment partly confirms the results of Dalrymple's experi-

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tily of a disaccliaride. sueli as cane siiirar. is present iii tlie I'.mmI. a certain

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I'uriiishes us with .a solution the stien-th of which can 1 stimated

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ported as having appeared on the animal before it died. The owner of this

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rohre und direkte Fortsetzung ihrer pars thoracica in die

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The mare was bitten on the right side of the face a few inches above

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l-ecinires it, as during in-w urowtli, iiiav aiiain liei-oiiie t raiist'oriiied into

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or offered for sale by any person, firm, or corporation In interstate or foreign commerce

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puannse and adenase. partieularly that suanase is .lefieient i.i the"orf.nns

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elusions ai-li\ed at li\ the Use of those iiielhoijs in wliicli exiiacts of tin

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group may he presented to illustrate more clearly the progressive

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the Committee that the resolution from the Committee

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Approved and respectfully submitted to the honorable Secretary of Agriculture.

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closing of work In the afternoon, and under the supervision of a Department employee. In

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III. The Early Diagnosis and Radical Cure of Carcinoma of the Prostate,


ing, Jr., Moberly; Glen W. Hendon, Liberty; C. Braxton Davis,

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France already have agreed to admit our products without them,

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Chairman (1949); Charles Greenberg, St. Joseph (1950); Hugh

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Kli'i'lrii' i-iirri'iit«, iliu'lupiniiil i>t'. •'.'

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XIII. Intrinsic Nerves of the Submaxillary Gland of Mu» musculus. By Henbt

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only one soft sound was audible with every two venous waves.

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**May we send you copies of these published studies;

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was a cystic 0.3 cm. mass which, on pressure, extruded

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It Is well ventilated, but other portions have practically no ventilation. The room is

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Med. Assoc, 1916, LXIV, 2031), in his article dealing with the cases of

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ther.. ve.'y s ..-.•ni-s a .livisi.m at ih.' l.iu.r eml inln tw.i lat..fal p.).'-

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Committee for the ensuing year: First, publish a sym-

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inspectors shall refuse to stamp, mark, tag, or label any carcass or any part thereof, or

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rejections average about twice as many as the post-mortem. A brief description of the

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disease have been located, especially those at Queen, Pa., and Pales-

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two articles on acute cholecystitis, one advocating

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section, show a design providing for 26 cows in the one-story wing,

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grains and other raw materials for human consumption. By feed-

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Figure 17, floor plan, and figure 18, end elevation and detail of con-

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