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child ; " it is fretful, but then it has «o fever ;

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brain secretes thought as the liver secretes bile," and this,

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tion of the nasal septum, which, most any rhinologist will tell you,

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number of variations on the simple theme, the dozen

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according to Vidal and Leloir, the collagenous bundles are normal. At

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meet and confer with representatives of the Members

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ern doctrines," histologists of equal eminence are on either

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The red blood corpuscles are always diminished in number, but in varying

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also be poured into the shell of the larger capsules or dropped into

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Rbbd, W., AssiSTANT-StntCRON.- Granted leave of absence

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Table 15 also shows thirty-five pellagrins surviving the fourth year

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The progress of the train was furnished to the detraining point in

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proves an invaluable agent, acting in these cases as an anti-haemor-

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ending April 8th was 1,183, an increase of S-l over the

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have found where the third division of the fifth nerve was

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The species is well marked by cultural characters from which it can be

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came on, followed by diarrhoea, w^hich many persons thought would end