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cases of alleged negligence which were under consideration, with outstanding expenses and

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las to inoculated erysipelas in the short period of in-

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be announced. It is a privilege as well as an opportunity for any interested member of the Society to

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treatment of accidents and surgical diseases, and the diagnostic

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measures adopted by the city authorities at the recommendation of the

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physician, you might not be too thrilled about the American

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tremes of life — youth and old age — are more liable to anaemia than the

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minated fatally, the patients having been kept at their homes by

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eruption itself constitutes a cardinal diagnostic criterion. The isolation

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they are regarded. In Experiments I to III the birds were fed on a

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ascertained by observations on the feces, which will be detailed farther on,

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by cessation of the bad effects, if it be very desirable that the drug

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executive committee, Drs. L. H. Gardiner, W. G. Fraleck, and

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This old lady, on June 26, 1894, became suddenly uncon-

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year) have shown that Zovirax Capsules given for 4 to

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necessary to use every possible means to convey clear ideas concerning

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Centrablatt fiir nerv. und psych., No. 21, 1881. DC'bove, Gaz.

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the amyloid substance or glycogene, under the influence of an animal ferment.

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was thready, and extremely frequent, often exceeding 150 per minute.

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duce paralysis of the lower extremities. In the case of a young gentle-

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often a great desideratum while treating them. A child's life may depend

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surra, of rats infecting grain, of flies inoculating fresh cases, must all be

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uncommon in severe cases, which may nevertheless do well. Great Hvidity

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ening complication of the drug. Since its public release, how-

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the last, which was posterior. The patient had been

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toms, but may recur for many years after the patient has left the

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more or less sunken appearance ; hence, it was natural to conclude,

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handl d. deutscli, Gesellach. f. Cliir., Berl., 1885, xiv. 89-

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one patient presented all these phenomena in the course of a few months :

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Haubold, H. A., 140 E. 72d St., New York, New York Co.

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confidently anticipated. This one condition being con-

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can 1)3 easily applied in all cases. I have seen wounds

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exhaustion, aided or hastened by the weakening influence of

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and Hygieue in the Jefferson Medical College, etc Ninth edition. Revised and

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civilisation, — the process is not completed. There are still large classes

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it is well for beginners in practice, before the tug of war comes,

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outside the femoral vessels, which disappeared in due time. On

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