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They may be present in one of the spherical forms known as micrococci,

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manifest change in the medulla always precede that in the cerebrum,

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in ophthalmiatry.] Vestnik oftalmol., Kiev, 1887, iv, 473-

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increases, viz. : 0.2 per cent, in height, 4.7 per cent, in weight, 7.3 per

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Metabolism of Typhoid Fever. — Baduel, Daddi, and

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picious ulcers of the mouth should be regarded as cancerous and cut away

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1891 UiLSON, Theodore Stacey, M.B., CM., 65, Temple Row, Birmingham.

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as "septic," e. g., endocarditis and general miliary tuberculosis. These

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carry over these findings to patients, but the findings

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days before admission to the hospital, he was suffering

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evidence of an ingenuous, generous, and perspicatious

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the movements of the head were preceded by lateral deviation of the

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He decides that there is either no influence upon bacteria

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Diabetes produces a soil favourable to the fixation and growth of Koch's

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out the basic work of Pasteur, for Lister, the founder of modern

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sibility of trichinosis, there is no pathognomonic value

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In England, a very large proportion of the island has

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before delivery, the vigorous womb refuses to allow enlargement

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of the thickness of the largest lead-pencil, passed up the

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cytes being of the ordinary polymorphonuclear variety.

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