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when an accumulation lias been present these eflorls

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after intervals of several days. Given in the quantity just stated, it gene-

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and the lameness excessive. When the slough is removed, the

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by which a specific disease of this class is communicated so certainly

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pend, appears to us extremely probable. Mere increased ac-

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ve a special prediapoeition. Certain individuals appear to

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perseverance, the less the tendency to give up the task the greater will

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often absent, and when present are not special, being those of cardiac distress,

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had given birth to a daughter about three years since; and the

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lesion, but may include paralysis of the triceps, the supinators,

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inconvenience, added to that caused by the tumor, which led her to

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Dr. W. W. Potter, in closing the discussion, said :

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far as it is acted upon in the stomach by the hydrochloric

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In the above case, the constitutional symptoms had preceded the un-

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equal to 0-12 — 0-04 = 0-08. On the other hand, 0-6 cc. of the alkali in

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until a negative opinion is arrived at. The patient is allowed to get up when all

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of a burnt witch for gout or fever. Ague, in Ireland, was to be

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which was attended by much swelling, but not by any abra-

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short time it will be practical to obtain all such papers in

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size of a walnut, and presented " a dull kind of pulsation."

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increased flow, we must suspect the presence of an intramural

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its use in hydrocele is the uncertainty of its operation. I have gene-

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and soles arises during youth ; in other instances it may

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i.e., over a water bath, and stirring in thoroughly the

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days) with preservation of renal, hepatic, pulmonary,

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if it succeeds, it leaves an unnecessarily large aperture in the bones, still

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Vesical Affections — Cystitis, acute and chronic ; the former rare ; the latter not

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Principles of Human Physiology. Edited by Henry Power, M.B., I^ond.,

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from the points of intersection in the living matter.