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of ioo° F., is advised. If the suspected stain contains bloody

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search for evidence, the detectives find a garment belonging

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general subject, it may be asked, In what manner does loss of

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age of consent, the consent of the female does away with the

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—Dr. Walter G. Fox (A. M. C. '11), of Fort Plain, N. Y., with rank

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rakterisiert hatte. Was die chemische Natur des Vitamins betrifft, so

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eselben mehr als das Aut'kochen bei 100°. Es ist nicht nur das Erliitzen,

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Does he show a disposition to interfere with the medical treat-

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cathartics have on the intestine, or emetics on the stomach,

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little girl is evidence of a rape, since he should be in a posi-

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The use of infiltration and conductive anaesthesia has consider-

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minutes and ten seconds. Taylor states that these results are

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glasses in certain cases fail to relieve these symptoms is

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effects of disease or injury, all these, in addition or in con-

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road station to be sent to a city chemist, and it was proved

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stances — the growth, gonadotropic, thyreotropic, lactogenic, and

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ternes and their records were not of the same standard seen where