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Sutton regards the ligament as neither a useless adornment nor
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find readily accessible the publications of American contributors to the
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importance. It is desirable, therefore, that your lives
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leguminous plants, the curing of tobacco, or the diseases of
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D. Parket*, who was superintendent, states that currants
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if practised, useless. Ail of the operations i^roved
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about a third part of the force was cut off; thus demon-
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the care of a servant, will be liable to the surgeon who
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in the laboratory ; the manner in which mineral teeth are
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exhibiting to us that inflammation is, in truth, a disease of nutri-
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been any purulent attection of the genitalia, such as
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the tarsus, (Choparts operation) in hopes of saving the
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vention or relief of tuberculosis; 2d, for the best exhibit of a furnished
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•wheu cooled, yield a solid substance termed margarln,
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been found after death to be wasted, and sometimes to be really anni-
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This reflex is obtained by tapping the tendon which connects the patella
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members of the respective State boards of health. The organization
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Botsford, Q-reene Co. 6th, S. H. Harrington, Broome Co. ;
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vicinity of the ambulance or hospital establishments, ought in
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discussed in the previous paper, belong to the group of so called fat
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abodes of eternal snow, extensive forest tracts, jungles and swamps,
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deleterious agent to act upon them. In other words, what has
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local authority, and then only for slaughter within a specified time,
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paper, and do not care to theorize about the matter, but I am
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839. Cherries (canned) — Ingredients — To every i lb. of fruit }i lb-
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We have seen that the three great centres of life are
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across the sitting-room she suddenly dropped down and
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ing water, excessiTe loss of liquid by the bowels or skin,
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to be withdrawn whenever we see necessarj-, leaving in thi«
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present when toxsemia is absent. Hence the addition of an independent
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