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lin. Catholic University Medical School. Second Class ; T. J.
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Bequest.— The late Mr. W. Astor, of New York, has by his
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The last subcutaneous injection was given on May 17th. She got in all
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that 60 per cent, of cases were fatal, some in a very short space of time
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gelatinous; and in most of these tumours the fluid was very
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highest rates In Manchester, CardilT, Preston, Bolton, and Plymouth.
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C. R. Marrett, .\urungabad, India; R H. Marshall, -Aberdeen ;
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Christina Allison Mavne, E. H. Steldon, E. C. J'acint'ish, Robina
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Castellote, R. H., L.R.C.P.Lond. Nourse, 8. C. M., L.R C.P.Lond.
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Physician. Salary, £:o per annum, with board, and lodging. Appli-
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American Journal OF the Medical Sciences. New (series vols. 4, 5,
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vation and unwholesome and unnutritious food (sic), climate,
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ladies wishing to attend the meetings and join in the festivities can do so
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treatment uf the Medical Staff and the Indian Medical Service, in a
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a case of pistol-shot wound of the abdomen. On September
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eagerly sought after for the sons of deceased officers, has
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case. The fact, remains, however, that symphysiotomy is a
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case just alluded to. It is the following :— p> Croton chloral,
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means of estimating the danger, or otherwise, of the particular pigment
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Birmingham, and Bourne Rural had 183 cases amongst them
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