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the revaccinated. Since 1874, when revaccination be-
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they were treated with the KTT. Patients with abnormalities
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account, as well as on account of the less degree of rapidity of
escitalopram actavis 10 mg kaina
is found post mortem, suggesting the idea of acute infection, but the cause
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of smallpox occur almost constantly, and should be cared for in a hos-
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Autopsy. — Frame large ; muscles well developed ; adi-
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the lungs, and the latter occasionally, by coalescence, infiltrates large
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Case 5. — Temp. 8 p.m., 104.2°; i grain of antifebrin
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scissors, is teased to jjieces in dilute chromic acid solution (roVu), and placed
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Hemp is spun first into yarns which are imbued with about fifteen
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and dried to constant weight. The increase in the weight of the flask
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pation. When the growth is accessible from the anus, the
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( Witli the formation of a palmar flap from without inwards.)
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in the numerous cases of uterine ailment which I have been called upon to
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sultations and Surgical operations. The retirement of Dr. Stevens from
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The child learns to read and write by having the optic pictures of the letters
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a tampon; this must be tight and thorough. Accouche-
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of Bassia latifolia Roxb. and B. longifolia L. (Sapotaces) mtoxicatmg
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[lution, 18 of these showed no chemical pollution, 9 no bacterio-
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A section to the following effect to be added : —
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2 dr. in weight. And if the dog loses flesh, give equal parts of
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innocuous. A maximum of one-hundredth of a cubic centimetre of serum
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preted, that it seems desirable to make a remark or two in reference to
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The dose of Socotrine Aloes is from 1 or 2 grains (as a
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If we pass -fibbsi nerves of a compound character to nerves
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The child was a female weighing 5J pounds and measuring 17i
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On Thursday last, the 4th, 1 visited the camp at Lakeville. wlinrc
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amyl (by inhalation, three to five minims) sometimes affords relief, but
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have met with albuminuria, which promptly disappeared
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diagnosis i/i/ra intam was impossible, and he felt that
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o'clock, A. M. The Quinine had been given with a view to prevent the recurrence of the
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pears ; the urine becomes ammoniacal and alkaline from de-
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of the coronary arteries by injecting parafHn, even when it solidified in only