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section, show a design providing for 26 cows in the one-story wing,
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..vul..ntlv llmt tiu- i.npulM s.t up by li,.- inituut a. it truvols .... i1m-
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made, because hyaline degeneration, when it is present, is so striking
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Table Comsesuxq thx Risiji.t8 Gn-Eii in Tables III, IV, and V.
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eonelnded fiom their results thai the r^s.i.tial cause of tetany is a
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worms, numerous ; hookworms, none ; worm nodules, 2 or 3.
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s|)eeiali/ed constitute the nervous system, their difTcreiitiatioii, hs would
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with a chief complaint of, “Doctor I have a cancer of
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result of intrapyloric pressure until a well formed
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12. Curtis, A. C., and Grekin, J. N.: Histoplasmosis.
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id" the animal in the scale of development. The movements are iierfectly
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Franklin 4 Herbert H. Schmidt Marthasville F. G. Mays Washington
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13. ♦Collevillb: "Malformation cong^nitale de Poesophage.'^
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(1951); Armand D. Fries, St. Louis (1949); Howard B. Good-
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product from the original destination, such diyersion may be made without relnspection
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Medical Economics — Carl F. Vohs, St. Louis, Chairman
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nf the traets with the e..nters are ,.rohhn.s whud,, un.ler the tlth ol
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anything that we have had previously. At the same time, it should
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sulated tubercular lymphadenitis (bronchial) ; bronchc^neumonia.
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148. *Grik8dale, T. B. : " Two cases of congenital malformation of
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(or forced) progressively downward during the growth of the embryo
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,.les- tl,e elhows and knees are exten.i,-.! and they resist passive 1 exin-.
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3. Fischbb: Deutsch. Arch. f. Klin. Med., 1897, 230.
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depends upon the concentration and the time tliat the cells are exposed
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roiiiii. noted that delinite inorhid ehaiiu'cs in the |ianereas were a fre
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kcs that the former transmit the epicrilie sensations, and tlu
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14. Van Rooyen, C. E., and Bearcroft, W. G. C.: Typhus
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prophylaxis. It is quite certain that those who keep parrots can
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No. 14) describes the same museum specimen. In consequence most
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be permitted on the premises of an establishment where inspection is maintained, and no
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clinically and pathologically. Associated anomalies in other organs
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Horn, Albert H., M.D., Steelville, a graduate of Barnes
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day of their condemnation, such condemned carcasses shall be thoroughly slashed with