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lesions. As the result of improved methods of case-watching and
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ing on experiments concerned- with this arrhythmia as in the work
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600 c.c. straw colored fluid on October 8. Skin scarlet all over body. All
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irregularity or intermission of the pulse, and arrest of the blood-
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ready at the operating-table to dip hands, instruments or ligatures before
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proved. AVith about one hundred illustrations. In one handsome royal 12ino . volume,
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accidents to the urea that is detained in the blood. Dr. Bence
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the character of the diet, being less or disappearing upon non-
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the laws which regulated their phenomena. The results of the physiolo-
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poverished and deteriorated blood, and yet be insufficiently
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the attacks of any diseases to which they are susceptible.
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F. E. Mitchell, B. S., Professor of Geography, Oshkosh Normal School.—
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rhea ; 3, Paresis (hysterical, reflectory) of the extremities, of
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pulmoiiarj- vessels, that is, passive congestion incident to mitral obstniC"
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subverting our system of civil justice while enriching
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of councils, committees, and bureaus of the A.M.A.,
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answers from several Licensing Bodies will not arrive in time to be laid before
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ing that the lowest members of each class resemble each other in the simplicity
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the .relative quantities of the two drugs administered, the stage of poison-
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of one ovum in a case of tilm-Vl r... ^ J le liquor .amnu ,
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during the twelve hours immediately after their infliction. As the wounds be-
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but seemed to be on the increase in this community.
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But, 2. That when it is performed under less pressing circum-
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reddish brown in color, is suggestive in cases of haematuria, while in
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shown by Dr. Payne, was often absent in fatal cases.
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Etiology. — Predisposing Influences. — No region can claim immu-
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Gineat y Pediat., Madrid, 1884. Aetiology of Diphtheria — Journal
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ports, of a combination of the symptoms of the for-
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my observation, that disease of the kidney was discovered by means of ophthal-
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found necessary to extirpate them. The length of the whole mass was 1 7 centi-
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Besnier, has its seat more especially in the upper two-thirds of the
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movement, and delirium may occur. These symptoms denote inflj
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mitteemen and teachers, and explaining to them the importance and
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Diseases. — Dr. Norman Bridge read a paper on this sub-
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region, and was referred to the immediate vicinity of the orifice ot the
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minent. This portion of the spine formed the posterior wall of
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letting is in both forms our sheet-anchor — the only
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disease of constant character), must be regai'dod in every in-
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frequently confirmed by observers in different pai'ts of the world.