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were cough and expectoration, and these have continued until the time
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writer gives the method of procedure : ' Fistulous tracts are filled with
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verbially great. They must ride far if their business is con-
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the material procurable from such foci frequently offers the only,
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disease assumed a prolonged course. Zweigenthal considers that the most
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insisted upon ; by these means unquestionably both the number and
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from G,5(M),(M)() to 7,500 ,000 and the hemoglobin was over 110
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condition, but in whom an intestinal infection had developed and occupied
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goitres were toxic was made on a very conservative basis.
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which is the latest product of evolution and governs the highest motor and
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that lack of development in early life, while the thymus is in process of
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tubes were apparently sterile at the end of ten days' incubation,
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years died of anemia consecutive to her losses of blood. Her blood-
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la fievre typhoide. Acta med. Scand., 1920, 54, 97-116.
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auditory meatus with Vincent's organisms. /. Laryngol., 1921, 36, 27-8.
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in thromboses of various degrees. In spite of all this, had the author not
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has been thought, may be owing to the peculiar modifications of
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stantly found. Possibly the greater part of the bilirubin in the
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fourteen attacks have been exceeded in several instances, yet few
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Pathology and Bacteriology W. BULLOCH, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S.
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lium of the uriniferous tubules are seen. Important alterations are also
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apparatus with ground-glass corks, although well cleansed, ordinary
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the effect of anaphylaxis on the heart of the dog is not extensive,
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of the hypophysis, like acromegaly, dystrophia adiposo-genitalis,and pituitary
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one stance a dose of radiation which is calculated to give the desired results.
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condition painful or sluggish urination in a number of cases.
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vascular system were found; in this experiment abdominal lym-
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steadily in weight. The sputum had been repeatedly examined for tubercle
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of renal function. The urinalysis of 25 cases of vascular hypertension is
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still to be accomplished. Further, it would seem as though a radical
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our members in saying a word of appreciation of the exceeding great value
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Questions were asked as to the existence or non-existence of
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L. S. Noticed a bluish tinge in her face and hands three years
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a wide field of experiences were elicited. When asked to think
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