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branches themselves, or indirectly from them through the great sympa-
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posure ; and the supplies of everything that was needed for their com-
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Army Surgeon is especially called on to investigate. The Candidates also
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of the blood beyond the tumour, and an impediment to the flow of
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ably with that of any other city in the United States. No one, how-
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2. That Dr. George Johnson, F.R.C.P.L., be appointed to deliver
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question of traction does not enter into consideration— not that I can
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in a great part among the Knights of St. John) he is represented at
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who took sulphurous acid, not one lost his life ; and there were but few
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epidemic diseases. He adds : "It is thus fortunate that, while a san-
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side, twenty-four under Dr. Watson, and seven under Dr. Duncan, have
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than the date of this decree, we learn that for four days after the
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circumstances in the way of improved sanitary condition to account for
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sane. She soon returned to her duties, and is now one of the most re-
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selves, at least in their student life, and, so to speak, in advance, to dis-
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in all respects adapted for its purpose. — In the Physiological Laboratory
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evening after she had been out for the day, she fainted for about five
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was sent for to see four children belonging to two different families
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is still occupied in forming and forwarding sanitar}' railway trains on
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interested bystander, who cannot possibly understand all his reasons of
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the school had sustained in the removal of Mr. Power to St. Bartholo-
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from some University of the United Kingdom, or of the Colonies, or
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tained a very large majority, Dr. Savage has retired, so that of course
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Ormsby. — A I'ublic Course of Lectures on Comparative Anatomy is
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pneumonic attack. A second case occurred in a lady, aged 25, and com-
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tonic powers far exceeding all other preparations. It
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I P.M. — University College, 2 p.m.— St. Thomas's. 1.30 P.M. —
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