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from near the umbilicus to the right flank, and having its centre


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all night, and until I saw it at 10 A. M. the next morning (eighth day).

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tice of this very important branch of surgery. The last legislature saw fit

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rooms — which, he observed, were considered by many of the

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was bronchiectasis or embolism the results were not as good,

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has been shown in a patient in New Haven who is under

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published fifteen cases, and Moore X nsed Chasseaud's method in

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that she had intended to commit suicide; she went to bed the night before

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takes its particular character from the sentiment, or sentiments,

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and the number during the cold months is equal to or even greater

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surgical skill could aflbrd. It was deemed advisable by the medical men of

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ganglions communicate by numerous fibres, especially laterally, with the con-

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stances ; and hence the disease rarely spreads (excepting to the immediate

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ment, and Medicolegal Relations. By T. D. Crothers, M. D., Super-

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being careful not to use the front teeth as a fulcrum, the esophaguscope

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organisms pervade the affected part, multiply, and induce

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wounded exceeds the limit of all care and arrangements the most

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anterior excursions of the head of the humerus. Pos-

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aflfected by pneumonia did not affect the result, for all

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In the three patients with marked diuresis in which the index of urea

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Treasurer — Dr. j^^-B. Kennard,of Lancaster; Librarian

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often produces a sensation of soreness in the scrotum and

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even by title, seems invidious ; but how rich and varied was the

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attention to unrecognized tuberculosis, but does not always indicate a

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thought to go out into the world a jeweled-winged butter-

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9 French, conical end, tunnelled electrode was used

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of things is to c ha rge upon the basis of skill — not so much per visit.

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an interval of several years, and in Avhich no relapse had occurred.

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Treatise on Naval Surgery. By Louis Saurel, Surgeon of the Navy, &c.,

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An instructive case wherein non-malignant disease of the

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stimuli. But the stimuli he used were from condensers 0'016 mfd. and

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fortable health for an indefinite period. Neither does it necessarily alter

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