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*1886. 1913. Prudden, T. Mitchell, 160 W. 59th St., New York

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may be considered propionic acid in which an hydrogen atom

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86, free hydrochloric acid, 0.21 per cent.; the stools contain occult blood.

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The time allotted is so short that I cannot do more than indicate

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In the United States proper, the order was not fully executed

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shade is not so much owing to the colouring matter which enters

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produce hemorrhage, by the gradual accumulation of blood in the venous trunks,

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Mr. Crosse prefers a lateral incision in the perineum, and the intro-

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lesion, but which may nevertheless recur under the influence of certain anatovii-

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acid, was made lower down; the sequestrum was exposed to the extent of five or

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resections were made with a scalpel, with the exception of the fourth,

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terminal phalanges are present to some extent. The periosteum covering

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9, the Bermudas 11, and in the AVest Indies, the ratio of the Windward and

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In the interior of the state, the cold was correspondingly intense. All

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The accuracy of Dr. lield's statement as to the great diminution or apparent

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not recognized. The present report gives, therefore, only the ages

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with effusion. When pleuritic pain is a factor, the scaleni and

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found in considerable quantity, partly fluid, and partly coagulated.

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or other simple spectroscope of the urobilin and urobilinogen

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alkaline methylene blue, carbol-fuchsin and carbol-gentian violet

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Dr. Ringer: I would like to add to Dr. Leathes' remarks that diabetics

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opposite to it, on the left, a plaster cast of an Ethiopian. At the lower