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no severe pain after the operation, recovered rapidlv under

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months after the operation, and were all at the time of death in

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spoonful of corn starch which has previously been wet with

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easily be discovered. The catheter must then be introduced, or

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This state of things can be easily explained ; in consequence

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four hours at the temperature of 18° to 20° C, and after four to six hours

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Gartner: Ziegler's Beitrage zur path. Ant., etc., 1891, Bd. IX. p. 276.

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*Prof. Moses C. White, M.A., 48 College street, New Haven, Conn.

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in one pregnancy is no guide to the date of its occurrence in a subsequent

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the microbe appeared as a whitish-gray growth, which when taken

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elongated small walnut, was seen occupying the whole

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them have occasionally been seen. After death by asphyxia minute vessels

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or hard rubber tube, holding upon its perforated extremity a sponge-

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factor of this University, Sir Donald A. Smith, to commemorate

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roses, 2 oz., rectified spirit, 10 oz.; mix. An excellent

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These are often not influenced in the least by the treatment which stops

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bending backwards of the head. There is generally a well-defined stage of

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immunization with live attenuated varicella vaccine — A study of children with leuke-

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was filled with a dark serous fluid. Similar deposits were found beneath the

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"Information for applicants for the position of contract

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sistent with the ordinary comforts enjoyed by the wealthier classes.

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the stem; if not, they should be dilated first, by means of compressed

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pass in safety. Philostratos also records this proceed-

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prize of $100 given by Dr. Hunter McGuire to the Medical Society

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Lemieux, President ; Hon. Dr. J. J. Ross, Vice President ; Drs.

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and either this preparation, or the Iodide of Potassium, should

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only effect of their removal being on the disease of

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head was occasionally violent, instances occurred in which

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and heat slowly until it boils and is done. Wash in stro^

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name " Clostridium " is applied to a spindle-shaped bacillus.

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initial reaction of the media may influence the limiting hydrogen

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the diagnosis. In a patient with a doubtful history, a positive

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into phenol and sulphur, and thus exert its action as an antiseptic.