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The first annual meeting of the reorganized American Ophthalmological
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The object of this paper is to draw the attention of physicians to
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how this latter form of ward teaching should be carried out and
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on behalf of the constituent countries and colonies represented.
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blood vessels of the liver increase the secretion of bile whilst on the
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parasites which collect from all parts of the body and many of Avhich
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palsy of the part was apparent rendering prehensile and delicate
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opinion among the local physicians that yellow fever is well borne by
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and refuses to rise. If compelled to walk the suffering is shown
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operation having been followed with immediate relief. She still breathes however
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requirements that the law granting special state aid to rural
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action of the bowel but also excites sufficient con
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some of the London Museums provided the lecturer with plenty of
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heartfelt gratitude for the years of service she was permitted to
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tain pathological conditions such as phosphorus or chloroform
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the cornea is quite distinct the intolerance of light is inconsi