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much more distant from the lung. Suspended in the blood they neces-

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An Address in Medicine will be delivered by FRANCIS SiBSON, M.D.,

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found depression, absolute loss of appetite, high fever, warmth of the

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swelling nor induration. The incisor and both canine teeth were

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ever, you make them understand that if they do so too soon, they will

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induration about them. Contagious impetigo attacks the most healthy,

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should be a new election. But, as the visitors conceived that the peti-

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beats ; finally, loss of breath and dyspnoea after a few moments' exercise.

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'em, excepting the Practitioners of Physick, undergo

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freely in a restaurant patronised chiefly by workmen and shop assistants,

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corresponding to the cartilaginous plate. The skin covering this, and

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There was slight ptosis. The eyes v\'ere held in asymmetrical posi-

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cases which even appear likely to recover. Prognosis is always un-

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noon, by a lady who was only able to give vague infor-

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We found no tuberculous lesion in the abdomen. The chest

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meantime, the presence of air excites chronic suppuration on the in-

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tainly occurred at the time, but these lesions were temporary, and

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kidney " the Malpighian tufts appear injected and slightly prominent.

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was no reason why he should not occasionally try his hand at it also.

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no benefit. It could certainly not cure all these chronic changes, nor

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enema administered through an elastic catheter, and irritation and spasm

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only threatened with it, as you may observe in the table placed in your

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hypersemic, infiltrated, and oedematous. It seems swollen and deep

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vessel in the wound ; the hand was swollen and inflamed, and the

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so successful that in four days the local symptoms had entirely gone