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The mechanism of this effect has not been elucidated

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tion in cases where hemorrhage or pains, or both, continue after alleged abor-

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Oral /Sublingual Tablets: Cardilate (Erythrityl Tetranitrate) may be administered either sublingually or

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an area of about 3 by 1 cm. in the center of a large cover-glass. The

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Chronic interstitial hepatitis; lymphoid hyperplasia manifest in spleen and

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and medical science that distinguished English physicians and

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indeed impracticable, to withdraw the fluid from the bronchial tubes.

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among women giving birth in that area. 12 Differences among

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phthisis with harassing cough, acute alcoholism, and neu-

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occupied by two articles, one from the pen of E. Hartshorn, M. D., and the

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following the administration of large doses of vaccines, and in such

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late hours and irregular habits, poisons her blood with bad cosmetics