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nized as a real obstacle to ihe speed* acceptance of their
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also the thenar and hypothenar muscles. Fifteen months from onset he had no
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atmosphere of fifty miles deep, it is enough to make a miser weep to
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abolished. The death-record is a V-shaped curve, the sharp point of
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tions of psoriasis, no matter how severe, can be entirely eradicated
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service — the founding of INIount Auburn Cemetery.
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Dr. Monod, in the Union Med., contends that in cases of
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phur externally, as advised by Fuller, to administer it
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lapse of four or five hours might render the reposition impossible. This
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one consecutive, (that is, after excision,) and found
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system of a person who is eliminative in nervous force as to lie all night in
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Polyclinic, of which he was President and Emeritus Pro*
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was situated at the uppennost limit of the arch of the aorta, on
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ever, that in a healthy state the bile answers an important part in the
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bones are fractured, and in the epiphyseal extremities, has a tendency
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respiratory nerve, or portio dura. I cut a tumour from before the ear of a
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be hard to attribute death solely to the pain. Still, however,
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tion of the curvature of the spine as the patient can bear.
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damp cold. It is very doubtful whether heredicity has any share in
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Sept. r2th. The attacks of pain and the pyrexia con-
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relapse may be hourly awaited ; to prevent such relapse,
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while the inner, though somewhat dense, more nearly approached the
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Physicians' Souvenir FREE. Satnp'e FREE to Physicians paying Express.
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lost — Basil Valentine, the monk, and his experiments with
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of a given disease occurring during a year per iooo or 10,000
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whatever woolen is nearest, and saturated with water.
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Angina, pectoris. — Since the publication of Heberden's paper on
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per head being allowed for the sick cows killed by the authorities.
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a few days. The subsequent reduction of size goes on for some
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At what conclusion do we then arrive as to the limits of
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as 46 deaths and 1 8 deaths per 100,000 workers, reported for
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ally planned so as to be most effective, having been drawn to a set scale and
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Hospitals, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilita-
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Hg. (1, 1-1000 sprayi with quinia continued in tonic
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over a long space of time, and its freedom for ill after-
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susception was readily relieved, but the patient died
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Dutchess, Kings, New York, Orange, Putnam, Queens, Richmond,
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ing be assumed to be permeable for acid and pepsine
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be regarded as the results of a blood rendered impure by excre-
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