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character of the affection, which is, in fact, pneumonia modified in its pheno-
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how far they are from being so corroborative of the theory that chronic
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Sensibility of the bladder mucous membrane. Desire for evacuation, urgency,
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Cerebral excitement and local determination are also produced
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only to reappear as soon as the hot season commences. During
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monia, a very short india-rubber tube, which was just long
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sorrows. His life was a blessing and had a powerful influence for good
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accumulating till these membranes are completely detached from one
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edge. He rivalled Paracelsus in the importance in which he held
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1 had treated for retroversion, and had become pregnant
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[Averages from determinations of second series, 1900. (Shutt.)]
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liver. Deficient hepatic secretion and consequent portal congestion have
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a hemorrhag-ic pancreatitis. There was no way found
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Ovarian— changes in vesicular mole, 528; cyst, sup-
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urine. Advised digital exploration, and performed it on
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airirravated syniptonis of tliis disease. Indeed, to far as time and
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The hair may fall out from the sclerotic skin or get very thin, and this
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thalamus may, in part at least, be due to inhibition by the cortex
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evidence of a desire to make use of the questionable
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hand grip strength) and short-term visceral protein
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strong contra-indication to its use in a disease in which the functions of the
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Case LXVII. — Poisoning by Sulphuric Acid — Recovery.
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possible to enforce such laws under penalties, and not fifty
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Chemical analysis confirms the impressions prevalent in
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True peptic ulcer has proved, in our experience, to be uncom-
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on organic changes associated with the production of the catamenia. Probably
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pressed, viz. the anterior and inner prt of the right parietal, and across
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Jiouloumie, was one which favored the development of the
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case of diphtheria with the greatest anxiety, and in but few instances
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Of all these I proceed to mention a few more particulars.
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ing to be a discovery of the French school, many years
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These will be found more satisfactory than the daily giving of salines.
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pus, working outward in the reverse order of the cancroid (cauli-
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Halsted suture, but employ it in some cases to the preference of
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exertion. He told me that he could not stand for two hours without his urine becoming
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all sorts and sizes, and the earth's dead houses, lazar-houses, mad-houses,
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by the avoidance of all depressing influences, more particularly
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washed in salt solution and then rubbed over the medium (blood-potato-agar).