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turbance. That the influence of cold is often, though not always, important

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broad; and her charitable work has not been dropped

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and has been, since 1883, a trustee of the college.

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and the latter in 1905. He completed his classical education at Colum-

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building, until now he has a very perfect institution, and

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1885 ; and of the Oneida County Medical Society. He was a member

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A Manual of the Medical Botany of North America. By Laurence John-

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Hospital, Yonkers, New York. He is also at present consulting neur-

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Hervey Demarest received tuition at Worcester Street School, George

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and the mother of our subject inherited a rugged consti-

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Dr. Mary Putnam Jacobi obtained her first schooling,

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this class of diseases no better work could be done any-

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" 8. Include no symptoms reported as occurring in the per-

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he accepted the professorship of obstetrics and clinical

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Accompanying symptoms are headache, backache, constipation

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secale, carbo vegetabilis, and tartarus emeticus. The latter was

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I would strongly urge some of the younger graduates to turn

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following the direction of the fibres of the gluteus maximus

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Epitome of Diseases of the Skin. By Louis A. Duhring, M.D. Reported by

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positive without being dogmatic ; quotes largely from his own

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Those of the larynx and the oesophagus would be excep-

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My third case is that of a recently widowed woman of thirty-

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V\/ILLIS GOSS MACDONALD, son of Sylvester M. Macdonald,

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Dr. W. C, Doy has removed to No. 403 Columbus Avenue, Boston.

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enteric fever, and a host of other diseases where purgation is

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Medical Corps of the Unite. I States .Army, and so under-

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Fortunate, indeed, is the city whose leading physicians find

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