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of the wheat absorbs a quantity of water during the kneading,

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dition, peritonitis and bacteremia are fairly infrequent when com-

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ing his practice, I Jmve found it extremely useful in similar cases of a

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bleeding orifices, it is probable that many of the astringents exercise

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Escherichia- Aerobacter group to a dominance of enterococci. The

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But Huch instances are extremely rare. Generally there is a brief ei

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physical comforts, and improve the physical condition of

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eases to which it predisposes are those of a nervous charac-

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had been allowed to ran from the press through a spout of that metal

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large cities, in the mining camps and factory towns,

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this reputation almost entirely upon the discovery of the much greater

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sistency of Food— Meals — Food as a Therapeutic Agent— Classification

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The activity of the nutritim proceaa is much diminished ; and conso-

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In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States in and for the

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the body is scarcely called into use, the muscles having no-

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observed in a few instances. It is true that these phenomena of excitsr

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Demme obtained rerr favourable effects fn>m the introduction of the gas

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hydrogen, and supposed to be identical with pure oil of turpentine.

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may be given every half hour till it operates, and the quantity increased,

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both as a rubefacient and anodyne. It is employed externally for the

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causing the liquid to fall upon the part to be refrigerated, in the form of

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the business of Legislation ? Will the mantle of Pitt or of Fox descend

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stantly wearing flannel shirts, that the workmen in potteries,

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^m of the sulphate of quinia may be from one-third to one-half that given by

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from New Jersey to the Gulf of Mexico. Its odour is aromatic, its taste

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world ; and vice, which is the devil. There is a de- ignorance,

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orange-yellow colour, inodorous, of a strongly styptic and ferruginous

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the carnivorous animals ; and that his intestinal canal is in length between

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must be abandoned, or there can be no remedy. With future abstinence,

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its effect upon the human body, destined by nature to be

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He will not permit the rich infant to be despoiled of his

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alcohol. Opium is the chief active ingredient, and camphor next in im-

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very high heat in an apartment, a temperature of 98° to 100°