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existing health conditions is the report on Medicine in China by the China Medical
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A boy of fourteen was shot through the abdomen at close range
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changes in rabbits appendixes, tends to indicate that a special organism
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trials, I have varied the diet in every way, as to quan-
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London by a physician-general and a surgeon-general.
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The habit leads to crime only through the violence and pugnacity
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fampin, which also may be hepatotoxic, is unfortunately
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to pyogenic cocci), and pseudorheumatism. True acute rheu-
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than the patient, and he who cannot bring to his command the
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movement begun in the session of 1882-83 to raise an endow-
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with the same subject. The literarj^ style and the general
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back to the venous system a multitude of different ingredients.
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General Measures. — In addition to the specific therapy advised in
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found it 55 times in 180 cases. In the last eight years,
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separated in the centrifugalizer we are more likely to
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Mushrooms. Dr. Letellier says that the poisonous sub-
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deep crevice. Today it is refreshed by rainwater that seeps
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by the voice of the people, who choose them for their
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Symptoms. The chief features of the Mosaic leprosy are
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In regard to the action of gallic acid, it does for the kidney just