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Influenza did not influence the deaf-mute statistics.

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that to which I have applied them, and will be of greater value

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petition must be tolerably keen, and we may fairly con-

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all that may be said to the contrary, personal examination

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fered from intense intolerance of light, with neuralgic pains

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suppuration," which is nearly identical with that of MM.

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stomach, and seropurulent fluid; the peritoneum was every-

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New York, Brooklyn, Lynn, Somerville and Pittsfield 1 each.

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seen, the veins of the face have been found obviously plugged with puriform

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factory. He (Dr. K.) was led to make this remark, not because he doubted the

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3. Some Remarks on Ringworm. With Especial Reference

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bhe iron and quinine that is poured into the patient

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Wis. ; Mr. Arthur W. Schumacher, Legal Counsel, Asso-

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in tufts or bands, and occasionally one or more tufts have been present

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is making the most determined efforts to stop these brutalities

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1895 ; XXXI., 1898 ; XXXV., 1902 ; xxxvi., 1903. ' '

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frightful cramps, pulseless and livid ; respiration 42 ; tem-

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by the skin is descriljed by several writers. It can only occur when

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for all to emulate. Robert VanDemark, Sr., MD, had a life

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nevertheless it is extremely sensitive to certain odors. Thus, it can

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business in Philadelphia, has made a similar preparation, but

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who believes in and strives to practice the best in the

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'Some unit characters as well as certain diseases are transmitted

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ces, of the development of more or less marked but indefinite general

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living mass, there can be no juxtaposition of inole-

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I spray on the part a preparation of some oil, such as the

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sion of gas and dung. Recovery began in two hours from the exhibi-

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disease is well developed, the physical signs are not always character-

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against scrofula, and there are plenty of instances where it has done

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40. On the Growth of Nails as a Prognostic Indication in Cerebral Paralysis. Dr.

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M. thinks " it may, perhaps, be regarded as an evidence that pus in considerable

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world without either name or estate — thus furnishing one among numerous in-

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culine properties in full perfection. The testes may

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this country may be inferred from tin- quality of its literature.

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he reports, he caught hold of the feet and raised the whole body without

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dry rules. Under the left clavicle there were mucous

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powder, carbolic acid, camphor, the oil of turpentine, coUodium, cata-