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have in mind in such cases, aside from tuberculosis, neurasthenia or organic
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patients, on whom have been performed 74 capital operations, viz.,
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Faculty, as a testimonial of their appreciation of his services in ad-
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The ball, a 48-caliber, entered the middle of the outside of the right
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disease from the time of the Armistice until the end of Decem-
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been found in the nasal cavities ; the first apparently does not cause
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Fallopian tube or oviduct ; the narrow communication of its cavity with that
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as unfavourable symptoms. An extensive swelling of the belly, so
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in place by means of a bandage, for a half hour or an
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of color of humor or personal narrative. But this is not always pos-
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variety of grimaces, and sometimes there are spasmodic con-
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ciety, Mr. Louis W. Hill, treasurer, and Joseph Prifrel,
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Kiu-as:m-a : Zeitschr. f. Immunitiitsforsch. u. exper. Therap.,
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bors, we have already a pretty clear and valuable History of Medicine
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tients. Ouly such invalids will remain at Rainsford
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