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I put the patient on turpentine in increasing doses ; the hsematuria disappeared

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STRAUSS' METHOD. Instead of evaporating the ether as in the

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ovarian region, and that it suffices to compress this

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hepatic duct, or involve the finer intrahepatic branches. It is not unlikely

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intended. Let the writing always be distinctly legible.

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spread, neither did it show any tendency to heal. Mr.

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was based on the fact that the net increase of typhus cases in the

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put on belly and lime-water given; took no supper; at 7 and 10 P.M.

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attributed to the purgative operation of some of the remedies

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The wound in its coats having been closed by sutures,

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convulsive, a common symptom in hydrocephalus, and latterly,

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neuritis later. Dr. Can t ley had also suggested that the lines of treat-

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I decided to open the wound at OQce and drain. On re-

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tion in which ovariotomy had been followed by a cure.

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Teoiperature of the extremities and trunk quite uniform, and about the same as last recorded.

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tal of $169,269.90 (51.5 per cent) was returned to the

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disease in the bulb and pons. It may simulate atrophic bulbar paralysis, but

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an infected port, and no other case occurs, it is exceedingly probable

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cirrhosis, and the term cardiac cirrhosis has been employed. But the

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In moderate cases of acute oral catarrh, characterized by increased

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One minim of this paraxanthin solution was injected into the peritoneal

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