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ment. It is important, therefore, that highly potent
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rate approximation of tissues layer by layer,® and
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lished in foreign journals, many of which are now in-
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vealed the complete absence of kidneys and ureters.
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in the category of Aid to the Disabled, 3,000 were l;>
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a liigh hum! Ht j in the eMeoHal coodition. TbiB (^idIod is baied pppa
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purchase all the insurance he wishes and that if he
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throughout the country. In being relieved from the necessity
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ture insurance welfare of themselves, as well as that
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in failing to make the proper discrimination, required by vary-
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horn, field sorrel, Canada thistle, quack grass, docks,
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miles. On arriving, I was informed by her mistress, that she
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for the exercise of any discretion but their own, by finding a verdict that
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who received Levophed recovered despite the presence
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cal changes without the production of fever ; even peritonitis does not
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as the chemical cauterization of Guist and Lindner,
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was administered for a period of four weeks without
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upon prevention, upon the environment of the worker,
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curial diuretic is administered. It is better, how-
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After discussion it was voted to refer the matter to
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10. Douglas, A. S., and Biggs, R.: Glasgow M. J. 34: 329
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will be soon taken up by the blotting paper, forming a greasy ring around the drop.
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diet, and may also have a specific effect on nerve tissue. No
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me, that is a pretty good history for peptic ulcer.
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ing the abdomen a pale yellow, mucoid fluid, appar-
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ents, because of “the devastating toll that accidents
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siderable relief until the present pregnancy when y
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vent a fatal result in many such cases. I do not believe that it b possi-
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4. Whitaker, L. R., and Milliken, Gibbs and Vogt, Edw. C. :
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and are characteristic. Configuration of heart typical.
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Are thtf ffirtcf nttf* of the nun neeciMai-^ to the proffuHton o/ the diseawe
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Finally, there is the matter of Lloj^d’s rates to be
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you — they’re all alike.” They’re confirmed in
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with its more simple technic resulting in delicate but
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of transmission under present-day conditions. The paper
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made by a crying child ; she was speechless, and apparently in
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ly regulate his conduct in conformity with its precepts, but should edu-
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televised, the eye as seen on the screen was 4 feet
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reference to the tonsils and their relation to the sur-
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TAUROCOI. is a combination of bile salts, extracts of
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with arsenicals which was due to a spasm of the ciliary