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have been paid in advance by the said Societies respectively.

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That the fever is not confined to Malta there is now ample proof. It

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curative plant. In my youth housewives used to gather

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bid anatomy and of illustrations of military surgery. ' Few

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the sympathy existing between the skin and the liver. A

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the seventh pair of nerves either by the use of the forceps, or from

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Eventually, the good a group of doctors has done is

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the primary and essentially fatal lesion is inflicted on the cen-

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or it may be altogether oblique. Closely related to oblique fractures

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medical appointments by physicians, residents or a nurse practitioner at UFMA at the following

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in both normal and diabetic animals. On the other hand, in one dia-

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isms. Schattenfroh." using animal serum, and Nuttall,

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his remarks to the more purely medical aspects of the problem, included under

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was very great. Nearly twenty-five weeks after the labour she was seen by Dr. White, who

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above the clavicle nor in the axilla, and was much less marked behind than in

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an insufficient destruction, and therefore accumulation of waste products,

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aration of tobacco for the latter purpose destroys as

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of syphilis, advising the use, in early syphilis, of oxidizing

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with it, especially in cases where the pains appear in situations

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^ The local names for beriberi are infinite. In Java it is known by the natives as

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which rises from one to two inches above the symphasis

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In the latter part of July of the same year she was again

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one of these strains with no ill effects. Serum from this rabbit pre-

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Morphise Sulph. gr. J gave some sleep, and the nausea and vomit-