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him large doses of iodide of potassium, which produced no
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Should two or three weeks elapse before such examination
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thigh, the forceps being oblique in the pelvic cavity. The same
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and scientific questions of this branch of knowledge, but
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methods of feeding and different rations. Where a pig that was fed
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occupied this position, their experience being varied only by five
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45, whawere healthy. Their full habits of eating, jo'ujted somatimes to
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trasted sentiments. We must here, as in all other analogous cases,
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into the vagina. The uterus was of the size of a gravid
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by fibrous tissue if collateral circulation is established, or
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which I will report later 011 if time permits. The importance of this
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the idea of a laparotomy being performed on a kitchen table in
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which is not shortly laid prostrate, not so much by change of
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ease in the particular affection under consideration.
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mortality per cent., are given below. From a table which is
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hyperextension and distortion of the fingers and toes
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ent rate of progress, must be more and more dependent upon
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a common practice to remove the skins, and pitch the
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markedly granular areas having the typical appearance of yellowish-
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thereby hastening evaporation and consequent ane.sthesia, using 1-10 the liquid used by
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abdomen, if necessary, after curetting and treating
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it, or still lower down the shaft of the bone, and although each of these
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history which I obtained was as follows : Patient was perfect-
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A distinguished Edinburgh professor of the old school once said : " A
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Kuster's series of 368 cases showed the right side alone involved 189 times,
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cessity of applying heat to the feei: He spoke of the various branches
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some food, and all causes of physiological depression.
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in 1874, Ziemssen said that it seemed to be naturalised.
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ind consequent regurgitation from the aorta into the left ventricle. This
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thirteen of the tertian, and one of the double teitian.
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tendon of the long extensor of the arm, the triceps ;
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but is constantly driven at random, until a reaction is produced and the
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discussion. It is known as dermatitis gangraenosa infantum.
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been rather loose a day or two ; general appearance much the
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the medical and surgical diseases incident to childhood, receive
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frequent and severe, and soon the pain extended to the teeth,
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Chemical Affinity ; Solution ; Electrolysis ; Equiva-
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not correspond to the articulation. This test is always
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For speedy relief, local treatment is imdoubtedly greatly
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The Polypus when removed weighed ^ lb. Length while in situ 5 inches ; but
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that moment I possessed the warmest friends in Paris.
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ing at Akron, early in April. J. P. Sawyer, of Cleveland, read a
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In children a tight prepuce or an impacted calculus, or rectal irritation
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using the stronger solutions, merely touch the spots with a moistened