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eye was destroyed by violent muco purulent ophthalmia consequent on

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pellagra though relatively rare are by no means of infrequent occur

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that it would be unwise to leave the appropriation so small

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noxious in pulmonary ailments. The almost invariable outcome in

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is best provided it does not occasion too much flatu

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globin oxyhaemoglobin of the blood bilirubin and biliverdin of the bile and

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a mild case at the start. Hecker warns us to be cauti us

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for the future. His present affection has an antecedent

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seldom crib bite. It may also prove to be hereditary

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The method used in obtaining these data do not permit a numerical

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a cheerful and happy frame of mind as an element in the

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Koerte. j o The patient a little girl of years was admitted in

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and describes the case of a patient suffering from severe sapremia

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as to the exact similarity of the cases cured with those which

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the large intestine times and the appendix times in his series. As a

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giving prominence to the valid. The crystallizing pro i ss aids ia

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side as indicative of it. Indeed from Skoda s description of the

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membranes were inflamed wei e undoubtedly examples of internal erysipelas

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mediate whilst conrulsive struggles pervade every muscle or begin

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In the laboratory we can easily so modify the composition of medic

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chloroform the wire speculum is inserted and with a pair of forceps a

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of the digestive apparatus and by administering cod liver oil in

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Within doors our resources are numerous. A library of about seven

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certain localities and attaches itself to the grass and herbage upon which

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brings out in regard to the internal treatment such as the use

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external fistula. But sometimes this involves the destruc

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next place Beumer and Peiper showed that several kinds of

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Pittsburgh neither title nor abstract furnished paper by A. C. Wolfe

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published annually by authority and in dealing with these the same

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President Graham said that he wished to explain what Dr. Young

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medicine. Here it was that Pinel made the great reform in the care

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paralysis of convergence that is the internal recti muscles fail to turn

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The great vascularity of the periosteum and medullary membrane in youth

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the toxicity of the urine the blood or other secretions.

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tubercular irritation is of this kind and Charcot says that diseased

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leg. Sensibility to the vibrations of the tuning fork

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It by no means follows that the Local Authority has the

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