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and one ■who has left a most distinct impress upon American surgery as

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them well together and bathe the part injured twice a

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ence, and thus ever prove an obstante that will be likely to obstruct

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purulent fluid. '1 he peritoneal coat of the stomach and intestines

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monia, 10 oz., carbonate of potash, 10 oz., rectified

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mucous membrane oF the mouth and larynx, this deposit (here hyalin-granular)

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exhausted before the action begins. The orderlies who carry the

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"but it has no nice discrimination of character." The

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cerebro-spinal meningitis, diarrheal disease.s, whooping-cough,

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apex, again asking : ^' How much higher is this than the

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that contains within itself the possibility of such a disaster. It becomes

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judging by the luxuriance of its growth. Superb specimens with

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^ Woodyatt, R. T., The Harvey Lectures, 1915-16, xi, 326.

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pended in this way will probably save many shillings, so

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Crowle, my house surgeon, was summoned to him and found

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ed with rheumatism for four weeks before his admission. The

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to the greatest Reformer who ever lived?" Many think our efforts to

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Codrington once obseiwed, ' The only way of preventing the ten-

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from which conservators can identify the molecular makeup of

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the office of the Church to teach morality, and morality has much

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months cough with considerable expectoration. During this period he

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be published with the proceedings of this Convention.

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point of neutrality the added alkali will need to neutralize, not only the

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determination of the opsonic ■ index seems to ])e a valuable aid in

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ble in the usual neutral solvents and gives no color with ferric chloride.

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clinic and planned parenthood programs. (Many initial

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sixty years of age, and greatly emaciated ; in the recent state, prior to any

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chemical constitution on the lipolytic hydrolysis of etheral salts. By J. H.

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related to the liability to facial — which, moreover, he showed

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dition the family and previous history are important. In the psychoses

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stop here, but would invade the old and healthy tissues, in-

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quently gives rise to much more serious cardiac symptoms, but

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259. On Constipation in Infancy. Dr. Alvis Monti 256