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surgical guide, in that it does not confine the attention of the


Incentives to and Preventives of Crime, there were papers

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five left. If I speak with emphasis, it is because I have had sad

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child, (2) for the placenta itself, (3) for a polypus. The fol-

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as simply suspended, as were its annual meetings, by ouf

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The limitation to motion in rotation-side-bending in

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Ph.D. 1969, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

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ing extremes of practice, — the one class avoiding its use, and the other

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There is no doubt of the great mortality from consump-

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the author, " owe their activity to their power of influencing

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are denoted by the amoimt of polishing to which the rice has been subjected.

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therefore be filled half or two-thirds full, with a thin layer of paraffin

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an inhibition of inhibition, so that the secretion of saliva occurs.

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Louis, 66. 345, 347, 353, 357, 479, 503, 521, 523, 526,

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so that many complained even when they had to pass through

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enlarged, the mucous membrane curetted, swabbed with a zinc

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tients and then was taught how to bleed, cup, apply

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of the principles of physiology, with sufficient details for ordinar}- pur-

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being probably the one most commonly damaged, as it lies in very close

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' See Abercrombie, Pract. and Pathog. Research, on Dis. of the Brain and

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smaller receptacles such as enameled stewing-pans : one, for boiling

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Cataract, congenital, 458 ; extraction of, 169 ; senile,

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STD FELLOWSHIP. One year training program in clini-

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much mental excitement, laughing frequently ; conducted

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iiv. second edition, ICO pages. Published by Childs and Peter-

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there has been a corresponding decrease not only in the deaths

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well fed and cared for until the following summer, should

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ago, in Pittsburgh, had typhoid fever : ill for six

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bean-meal, y 2 pint once a day, with plenty of other food.

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19. Mandl's extensive original essay being completed, we present our readers

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"I have appended an outline of Oliphant's case. — Peter Oliphant, (labourer on

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Hospital. B.S. 1974, Long Island University, C.W. Post

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provas da sua endemicidade na provincia da Bahia, e da sua introdue?ao no

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more important functions being thus implicated, no longer assist in

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cases, especially of neurotic women and over-tired men, it is the pre-

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After the third day, the tube in the joint cavity was removed

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second sound, which is an increase of a physiological

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POUCHET, M. F. A.— NooTcllea Experiencaa sor la Generation Spon-

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of the annoyances I am subject to that people coming