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brain-disorderliness and mental dulness, so that education cannot wisely
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attack may be associated with mental disorder, which is frequently melan-
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Undoubtedly the most serious transformation of warts and moles is
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Scrofulodermia. — Definition. — The name scrofulodercnia is some-
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selves persecuted, especially of those who have auditory hallucinations.
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colder water, has been found very beneficial in irritable cases (Frage,
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1808 gives under the latter title a figure which, though rough, shows
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gether fall in with the superstitious ideas of the times. In
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by careful dieting and medical treatment ; but in one who is constitu-
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Such cases may be classed under the heading Symptomatic zoster.
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But if ever Apollo and the Muses cared for mortal bant-
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jority of apothecaries in Boston have agreed to pull down the
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It is quite possible that in some cases these are the infective microbes.
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Archer, who, whilst serving the Merry Monarch as one of
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trifles. Any really good doctor ought to be able to tell, be-
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and carefully analysed by Ballantyne. In almost all instances the child
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stage, of influenza appears for a time to relieve the mental symptoms.
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walled, and their contents so pellucid, that they look like drops of water
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to the neighborhood, and the slight chance of profit to them-
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In a well-established case of paranoia of some standing it is not rare
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the breast, sitting down by her side, feeling the pulse with
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that before 40 it is confined to males. This might indeed be anticipated
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(3) Drop from a burette 0.5 ml of the anticoagulant solution