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by the pyrogallic acid method. The colonies, not unlike strep-

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could be removed without inducing any bleeding. As far as Dr

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filtered out, redissolved in 5 per cent NaCl solution, and the solution which resulted

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ance which the Branch Council, or the General Medical Council, could render

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was transferred in Aj)ril 1867 to the Infirmary Department of the

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the operator can arbitrarily select the one that will most advan-

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in the skin. If desired the instrument may then be turned and the same

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dose of egg albumin which produced fatal intoxication in sensi-

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Investigations on the Purification of Boston Sewage

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both Flexner and Shiga bacilli; of the Shiga cases only three aggluti-

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severe acute urgemia. A vigorous diaphoresis, then, no matter how

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finding this organism in pure culture and often as high up as the

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proportionally less in amount than that for the red cells of the

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for rather in dynamical than material changes. In any case, it is

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a rival series of experiments, shown something very like the con-

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one of distemper, that it was due to B. hronchicanis which was

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trypanosomes, but had recovered at the time of examination.

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(0.50 G. — 7^ gr.), aspirin (0.5 G. — 1^2 gr.), each to be given several

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off from the general peritoneal cavity, or which is undergoing a

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Experiment No. 1. — A fowl was bitten in the thigh by a spec-