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roation took place rather sooner than with his brother, leavii^ a
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neuropathic tendency, even temporary recovery is rare.
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need we doubt the power of a contagious miasm taken in the
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dura mater, and may be acute or chronic ; it is usually localized. Chronic
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after the first appearance of the gangrene. In the other two cases,
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such gratifying results in old chronic cases, it is
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Continuous stimulation of the splanchnic is not suitable for producing deple-
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476 weil's disease (spirochetosis icteroieemorrhagica)
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In this communication we desire to give the results of a study of
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instances, the centers were frequently white and opaque (Fig. 8).
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Liver, passive hyperaemia of, differential diagnosis,
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upset which shows no tendency to right itself during the period of
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This preservative material for milk, meat, etc., is
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moaning, and the urine and fasces are passed involuntarily. Some of these
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In chronic ancemia there is a pale, waxy, or sallow hue of the skin, and
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and another over the shoulder and along the clavicle. The forearm
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contrary, the control strains cultured in normal serum and plain
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intravenous injection of filtrate from the rnixture of agar and physio-
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minute, and very feeble, tongue cleaning, bowels opened ; there is
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erable member of the profession, keeping himself familiar with sci-
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south, with a cloudless sky. On the next day there were both rain
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Our observations confirm those of Elliott, in as far as they show
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small in quantity with very few germs in it) , con-
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accidental exception to a general rule, yet they will serve to draw a