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the left of the entrance to the constriction (Fig. 8), as was first
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of Deglutition. — Dr. J. M. Bi.kyek presented a new intubation-
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of the fact at the time the article is sent to us ; (2) accepted articles
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that surely people would not be "cured" by any such
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neurasthenic and subject to great depression. In hysterical patients,
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having been placed directly over the spot, or owing to its not
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In conclusion, he referred to a case of abdominal aneurism, which
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CEdema of the abdominal walls may accompany and obscure the signs
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to describe a circle with his toe, touch one knee with the opposite heel,
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close to the bone, dividing all the tissues on that side: he then
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Fifty-eight of the deaths were due to pernicious attacks; 43 to
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Causes. — The most common direct cause is inordinate action of
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tended and very painful, great peristalsis and eructations, but no flatus or
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when the needle may be passed without the slightest difficulty or danger."
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mine had a considerable aortic regurgitation, dating back
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1. Bl'LKLEY.— The Malignity of Syphilis ; with an