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tion than those treated by the climatic method alone.

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comparable to that of open operation. While the time

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when the bones of the fetlock seen from the side form a straight

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Beyond this a new field opens of pathologic chemistry.

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the floor without being aware of it was relieved by this means.

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doses of arsenous acid ss. are sometimes given with

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parts of the kidney becomes increased and finally contracted with

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is indistinct although microscopically the growth is abundant. The bacilli

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lowed the lithotomy. The urine contained a small quantity of

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and Assistant on Tuesdays and Fridays. During the Winter Session a short

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Tcsticulum or of protrusion of the gut through an aper

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and particularly to the military surgeon. When one takes into

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hydrochloric acid or corrosive sublimate. Chloride of lime is an excellent

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being able to escape. At first there is no discoloration but after a

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and many lives will I trust be thus saved in the future

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women are annoyed in the morning by our transportation systems and by

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right arm riglit leg and left side of the face. This

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In subsequent preparations of the pure diazo derivative it was

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has not entered into a free space in the pleural cavity.

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