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sugar and the flavor. The recipes given are for grape, banana,
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and jar of that weight which they must necessarily sustain
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rannitv of natives of India from enteric fever, Indian M.
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the ribbon is a very narrow one, the nuclei are met with as little
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literature (cf. Cicero, De Div. 2. 90 and Origen, Philocalia 23.18),
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chloric acid), and to acid salts which are present in small amount
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13. A solitary, smooth, firm and elastic, or, possibly, fluctuating tumour,
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eases is present. When scanty in amount, ', in St. Mary's- wynd, in ihe immediate neigh-
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increased above the normal, and there is a great leucocytosis — i.e.,
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each other. The text-books had nothing to say on this
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be regarded as proof of spontaneous generation of gas within the sac. It
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globular, and contains a complicated auditory organ; then follows
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one of whom is a homeopath. We must remember, too, that
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a vibration being perceived by observer when holding latter slightly between
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may thus be used to determine the finer relationships of proteids. It is
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the seventh or eighth rib in the posterior axillary line;
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striking, and which owe their interest to the revelations
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measles, rubeola (rothehi). variola, varicella, mumps,
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that the birth will be natural and safe. Though gathering new energies,
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and looking backward upon all the hopes Ave had of the milder
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epithelial cells of the convoluted tubes in the course of the next twenty-four
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complete union in one case by the first intention, and in two cases the
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bacilli secretes ptomaines which do the sole mischief in
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In choosing purgative drugs to aid the effect of diuretics in car-
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as to Widerhofer (Vienna), this circumstance alone would not be suffi-
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Dr. W, H. Wathen : Recently one of our prominent citizens
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Opsonic index in diagnosis of mixed infection in pulmonary tuberculosis:
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The same is exhibited in disease of the kidneys, stomach, and other
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passed in all directions through the operative wound. The head
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vagina was dragged down, and so indirectly the uterus was
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mens, long believed to establish this variety, has so far fur-
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closely related to personal behavior. Smoking costs
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request was granted; and, as soon as the expedition reached
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ference. This contracts in healing and produces stricture, which has re-
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atmosphere is clearer ; but sheer mechanical might and hurry
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