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and tfpecially for ploughing, the difference has been

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emptying of the stomach ; but if spasm is the chief cause of the obstruc-

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when heated with charcoal and soda in a blow-pipe, evolve the garlicky

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earth} 7 complexion, and tends to become somewhat anxious-looking in cases

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the middle of the day, and after each meal there ought to be a period of half

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dififerent forms of cardiac irregularity. But all through these re-

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Eats and mice are less susceptible to tuberculosis than rabbits and

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the hands' of Letulle rapidly yielded to suggestion, clearly indicating that

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mucous membrane of the nasal cavities is hypersensitive and the ex-

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ftallion and a mare of different countries are put together, the

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per cent. ; but Percy Kidd, who has had a very large experience at the

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that he may be clafTed with thofe called fat heads, he

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cirrhosis of the kidney, and that it is very largely stored in the liver. If,

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been directed to other micro-organisms which have been found associated

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The work of Dixon and Marshall, however, indicates the presence 1

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tuberculous milk, heated at 80° C. for ten minutes, was not always in-

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leprosy. Similarly, in such countries, care should be exercised in the

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preparations. The absence of streptococci, staphylococci, and pneumococci

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the withers, fhould at firft rife in a ftrait line, and

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which it fhoiild not projetft, and to admit of being

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manent varicosity — lymphatic varix — ensues. These varices sometimes

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" When your dear daddie died. Bessie. I bought this little

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ed on the fore part by xhtjiiffie., which is properly the

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way people lived only a few centuries ago in England. Pepys' description

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salt, and a trace of saccharin if desired. By practice a palatable artificial

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corpuscles with a corresponding improv^ement in the haemoglobin. The

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Far/ nips, exceUency of, for the food of cattle, and dpecially

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is difficult to say, but there is evidently spasm of certain portions of the

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an indication of the horfe's being fubjed to fluxions.

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functional tests, may be handled according to the plan just outlined

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under the administration of potassium iodide, owing to the drug rendering

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The work of the group in Philadelphia with dichloramine-T

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efpecially the parfley-leafed marfh crowfoot, ranmi-

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of afla-foetida and favine, of each half an ounce, an

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the menopause, extreme insufficiency is frequently observed, as well as in

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heart. Wood points out that in muscular tissue exhausted by recent and