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tablishment where the sick will find every convenience,

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Medical man, and from his kindliness of disposition, he was

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served as President of his County Society, District

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Medical Society of New Jersey, Allenhurst, June 25-27.

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which is removed by the lungs only with much irritation, with hyperseraia,

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is in physician health. We ourselves are only human and

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febrile affections in which recovery takes place spontaneously, espe-

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introduction. The object of the glass was to enable the

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ideals, the State has only recently recog- or through friends, secure treatment in a

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ferior angle of the scapula, the patient being in a sitting position.

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fprintf(outfp, "\nmean = %8.31f mean_square = %8.31f rms = %8.31An", mean,

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The prevalence of typhoid fever in 1889 and its lesson.

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Estimation of Urea. FOLIN'S METHOD. Five c.c. of blood are

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terminal fibers, the secreting cells of the various glands fail to

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With reference to this point, the observations of Ware are valuable. In

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Capillary bronchitis occurs especially in young children, and, next in

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naval or military service now number 8,363, of whom more than

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Pfliijfcr (E.) Familie Glaiiser; eon^cnitale Aiionialien

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Treatment. — These cases usually seek medical advice

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which are entirelj" different, notwithstanding the enormous

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structure of the heart itself, and I would hazard the opinion, thai any

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The constant effort to facilitate elimination and keep the

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suppuration. These signs are conunon to both the juxta-

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he knew it, he had landed in a charming Vermont village with

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allowed to develop under identically the same conditions as in Table X, with

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son. Were such a conception true, we should be compelled to

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The Section was called to order by the President, Pro-

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thesis of 1876 found that only one case in three had

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the compensation for the effect of gravity is perfect.

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extend into the beyond. The lesson of his life is now

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varying power, and a correspondingly varying resistance to dis-

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acquires a more or less irregular ribbed, villous, or retiform charactv.

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the loins, dysenteries, blotches, and boils, over the whole

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are given in the last column of the table. The case histories

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There is little of interest to record in regard to the other

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too, in harness. The night before his death he was visiting his patients,

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the child's death ; the fluids preserved for inocula-

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ket posing as cheap ice cream which do not contain cream, evaporated cream,

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Elephantiasis: Labia. — Sections taken from this specimen consist of a loose

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Lake. His modus operandi was to inject 2 to 3 c.c. of sterilized water with the

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be manipulated without the slightest annoyance to the patient.

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